Street Style

Street Style
February 20, 2018 Lesley
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Since beginning on this journey to launch The Seventh Heaven I have become even more obsessed with jewellery than ever before.

I find myself staring at others’ jewellery pieces in envy and awe and always asking where they got them from. I’m shocked by the amount of people that have no idea where their piece is from and envious of those that receive some of these amazing items as gifts from a loved one.


Seeing all the different styles and fashion personalities is epic, especially now that I live in Wellington where people are so self-expressive.

It has opened a can of worms in the inspiration department and being able to learn new ways to style things, talk with people interested in fashion and jewellery and connect with others in the industry is really exciting.

As always if anyone wants to reach out with suggestions, collaborations, guest posting, modelling and more, please reach out! Multiple creative personalities are better than one.

I can’t wait for this grow into something amazing and community oriented, and to reveal all my plans for The Seventh Heaven over time!